Taking Action on Depleting Food Resources

Author: Emma Chiera

Was the Young Marx a Foodie?

Author: Anika Roberts-Stahlbrand

Growing Resistance: the role of Toronto’s community gardens in challenging the food system

Author: Catherine Ahrens 

Planning Tools for Improving Food Access: Lessons for Ontario’s Municipal Planners

Author: Bronwyn White

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse: what is happening to ‘food waste’ in the City of Toronto

Author: Kathleen Greavette

Scaling Up & Out: Local Movements and Global Realities

Author: Coreen Jones 

Food security, youth diplomacy, and the G8/G20: How a strong youth voice can make global governance work better

Author: Leanne Rasmussen 

AGRA Versus La Via Campesina

Author: Michaela Kennedy 

Taxing Unhealthy Foods: health promotion or inequality?

Author: Julie Rochefort 

Worth One’s Salt: A Review of Canada’s Sodium Reduction Strategy

Author: Ashley Murphy 

“Eggspecting” Confusion in Food System Change: Voluntary Labels in the Neoliberal Regime

Author: Margaret Bancerz 

Food Rescue Action! A student-run initiative By the Human Rights Participatory Growth and Poverty Eradication Program

Authors: Ammie Singh, Leslyn Gombakomba, Ly Tran, Olivia Fernandes, Robin Johnston, Sandra Vides-Martinez, Virgil Haden-Pawlowski